Environmental Services

Environmental Services

  • Eminence Consultancy qualified and renowned consultants have the vast experience to assist your organization develop and implement environmental management system. Our Management Systems Framework provides a consistent, cost-effective and proven methodology to ensure success in realizing corporate environmental objectives.
  • Our solutions are built on a solid understanding of your business; the environmental aspects of your activities, products and services and your legal and other requirements, resulting in an EMS that supports your operations, goals and environmental commitments.
  • In our environmental management system development and implementation we can assist you in various environmental studies and monitoring such as:
        • EIA (Environmental impact assessment)

        • CEMP (Construction Environmental Management Plan)

        • CMP (Construction Management Plan)

        • OEMP (Occupational Environmental Management Plan)

        • EAP (Environmental Action Plan)

        • Decommissioning Plan

        • Decommissioning Plan

  • HSE Plan

  • Waste Action Reduction Plan

  • Air Quality Monitoring

  • Noise Level Monitoring

  • Dust Emission Monitoring

  • Stack Emission Monitoring

  • Light Monitoring

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