Health Safety And Environmental Audit

Health Safety & Environmental Audit

  • Simply speaking, an audit is the comparison of actual conditions to expected conditions and a determination as to whether one is in conformance or not in conformance. In other words, an audit is a comparison of audit evidence to audit criteria to determine findings. The evidence is the objective information collected through interviews, visual reconnaissance and documentation review. 
  • The audit criteria are the expectations or “rules” of how conditions should be. It is the criteria that distinguish one audit from the next. For example, in compliance auditing, the criteria are the regulations. With an EMS audit, the criteria would be the description of the expected system elements. In this case, the EMS criteria would be that described in ISO 14001, the specification standard. 
  • In the United Arab Emirate, Environmental Agency Abu Dhabi has responsibility to implement Local and Federal Environmental Laws. These laws require Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) system for every major industrial establishment in UAE. Besides legal obligations, other certifications like ISO 14001 also require for environmental management systems that includes a sound HSE policy.
  • In today’s competitive arena, the legal compliance and public image play a vital role in the business development and expansion. It means that a legal compliance and a good public image are directly related to successful business.
  • To meet today’s modern business challenges, Eminence Consultancy offer Health Safety & Environmental Auditing services to industrial establishments, oil and gas sector, construction industry and all kind of establishments.
  • Our team can carry out following types of Audits:
  • HSE Audit
  • Energy Audit
  • Third Party Audit
  • Compliance or Regulatory Audits
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